Epicurus Radio

  1. Purpose - The purpose of Epicurus Radio is to provide a 24/7 stream of information geared toward educating and supporting students of Epicurus. With a mixture of recorded and live programs, including call-in shows scheduled repeatedly for the same time and day of week every week, Epicurus radio would provide a personal connection between local Epicureans and the Epicurean community worldwide.
  2. Vehicle - Epicurus Radio is most feasible as an internet streaming service.
    1. Possible Streaming Services Include:
      1. Local Broadcasting Software / Systems
      2. Paid Internet Services
  3. Programming Standards
    1. Programming on Epicurus Radio will be explicitly Epicurean and will emphasize as core themes:
      1. that there are no supernatural gods;
      2. that there is no life after death;
      3. that pleasure (all kinds, mental and physical) is the guide to life;
      4. that happiness (meaning a life in which pleasures predominate over pains) is the goal of life.
      5. that Epicurean physics (especially as to eternal and infinite universe and life on other worlds) and canonics (especially as to use of the sensations, anticipations, and feelings, the subordinate role of reason, and the possibility of confidence in knowledge) are substantially correct and essential to a proper understanding of Epicurean philosophy.
    2. Programming will not significantly promotional of material or philosophies or “techniques” that are not consistent with ancient Epicurean tradition and practice.
    3. Programming will focus on Epicurean Philosophy as developed in its original Greco-Roman form, with emphasis on linking the philosophy to the particular Greco-Roman cultural context rather than as a disembodied abstraction. Emphasis will be given to how Epicurean philosophy might apply to the current situation in the Greco-Roman world, especially in terms of Islamic migration and population replacement by peoples unfriendly to and incompatible with Epicurean philosophy.
    4. Programming will emphasize activity in pursuit of the pleasurable life, and will minimize discussion of anesthesia, retirement, living unknown, and “freedom from pain is the goal of life” except in contexts which clearly explain the issues involved.
    5. Programming will explore Epicureans theories of Ethics, Canonics, and Physics,:
      1. In Physics, programming will explore implications of infinite universe, eternal universe, and life on other worlds. Emphasis will be given to showing that the universe operates on natural and non-supernatural principles. Modern or past theories of physics which appear to contradict Epicurean principles will be avoided except where clear explanations of the contradictions can be presented. Examples of this are Epicurean criticisms of ancient mystical mathematical and geometrical theories.
      2. In Canonics, emphasis will be given to explaining Epicurean the meaning of the three legs of the canon, the relation of reason to the evidence provided by those three legs, and Epicurean “dogmatism.”
      3. In Ethics, emphasis will be given not only to explaining the first 30 principle doctrines, but specifically also the last 10 in relation to “justice” and living separately from those who will not be our friends.
    6. Programming will oppose eclecticism and any suggestion that there are elements of competing / incompatible philosophies which should be incorporated into Epicurean philosophy and practice.
    7. Non-Epicurean philosophies, especially Stoicism, Platonism, and Aristotelianism, will be discussed as competitors and having core compatibilities with Epicurean philosophy.
    8. All religions with any supernatural component, especially Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and even Buddhism, will be dealt with as competitors and as false, discouraging ideas of preserving certain elements in them as if they could be incorporated into Epicurean Philosophy
    9. “Humanism” will be dealt with as contradictory and incompatible and largely consisting of Judeo-Christian ethics masquerading as a non-supernatural philosophy.
    10. Programming will be primarily in English but will include selections in Greek and any other language where there is a significant Epicurean audience.
  4. Programming Categories:
    1. Live Programming
      1. Instructional Shows (One person discussing texts / ideas)
      2. Interview / Call - in Talk Shows
      3. News Shows
    2. Recorded Programming
      1. Readings of Epicurean Texts
      2. Entertainment (Music) - Primarily instrumental to appeal to widest audiences (piano and similar classical instruments). Will need to determine what royalty-free / public domain material is available or seek contributions from talented people who will offer recorded compositions for free.

Elli's Post 11/7/18:

If I understand correctly, Cassius is suggesting that we set up a real series of programs so that people can listen to the stream as if listening to a radio. That means:

1) Live or recorded discussions among new and old Epicureans on issues, such as question answer sessions, and in parallel, suggestions of books and articles to people who wish to know about EP.

2) Reading excerpts of the surviving sources, such as Epicurus's letters, Lucretius's DRN, Philodemus' Papyri from Herculaneum, Diogenis of Oinoanda's inscription, etc. with the voices of real people.

3) Reading articles and excerpts of the books by the modern-day Epicurean friends with the voices of real people, such as with the voice of the author him/herself.

4) Playing melodies and music of artists who would like to make known their artistic works. For example I hear a lot of instrumental artistic works that are a real pleasure to hear and would appeal to a wide variety of people.

5) Playing a theatrical work based on Epicurean philosophy. For example we have a very didactical theatrical play by an Epicurean friend in Thessaloniki that can be translated into english (with his permission), and can be read by real persons that could chose a role in the performance. I remember theatrical playings of a program as I listened to the radio when was a little girl in my country. Something that is lost and be replaced by news, news, news, or political discussions without end, among journalists (and as I call them parrots). :)

6) Announcing the events of other Epicureans that live around the world. For example, when our friends of the garden in Australia would have a meeting, and if they like to connect online in the radio, to exchange some thoughts with them; or if they would like to announce some events that they will hold in Australia.

7) Announcing news of the dates and programs of the Greek Gardens for their events in Athens and Thessaloniki, such as the yearly Symposia, and then giving us English language reports and news after those events, by reading those reports by real persons. If the Greek friends want to make programs in Greek they can do that too. For example there are many greek persons around the world who like to hear how the situation is going in Greece, and we can have discussions of that, perhaps in both Greek with immediate English translations. The same can be with our Epicurean friends who live in Australia too, or the same could be for any future Epicurean garden that would be established somewhere else.

8) Discussions / suggestions among real Epicurean persons and how Epicurean philosophy is becoming known or how it could become more known to the people in their societies.

9) Some narrations of real stories and experiences by real persons on the application of Epicurean Philosophy based on friendship, and how Epicurean Philosophy has benefited them to understand more clearly some of the issues in their lives, and how Epicurean Philosophy led them to the goal of pleasure.

But for this to be a success, all the above projects need real people who will offer themselves and their time to others for participation in a vivid reality - We already spend a lot of time at Facebook writing comments to each other. In my view there is no one person to devote a huge effort for the preparation of a short reading of a surviving source, or a discussion of Epicurean issues among friends. Τhe more people who will participate the easier it will be for everyone. Participation as a team makes the difference for the success of any effort.

Finally, if I understand correctly, our friend Cassius will back the funding of getting this radio station off the ground, as quality software and computer space for the radio station is not free. Cassius is not asking for money to set this up, he is just asking our friendship and our help - our time for helping create a real swerve in the popularizing of Epicurean philosophy.

Since we are living so far from each other, as a way to become closer to each other we can use our own voices to build through internet radio a way to bring our friends into our own homes at any time of day, effectively a media of our own that will help bring us new friends and in a small way a better society too.

Please let me know your thoughts!

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